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Along with its research endeavors the RINSC acts as a hands on classroom for students of all ages. The classroom located at the RINSC includes a smartboard for presentations. Adjacent to the classroom is a student laboratory where students can use High Purity Gamma detectors to measure the radioactive attributes of samples that they irradiate during their tour. There are several other lab experiments available for those tour groups desiring to do a lab during their visit to the facility.

Presentations offered by RINSC staff range in topic and complexity from basic radiation and nuclear reaction dynamics for elementary school students to undergraduate courses in nuclear engineering to graduate courses.

The RINSC staff can also assist interested students with science fair projects and high school senior projects. Some of the recent projects we have supported are:

  • A study of the effects of gamma irradiation on Vitamin C in strawberries
  • A determination of the least damaging motor oil
  • A study of the make-up of generic vitamins (how closely does it match the label)


    The RINSC staff also supports URI Capstone design project for the URI minor and has hosted several PhD students over the summer. The most recent research has focused on SiC cladding for reactor fuel.

    To schedule a tour please contact the Reactor Supervisor by email or phone. → mmarrapese@rinsc.ri.gov / 401-874-9443.